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Little Sugar Addicts

End the Mood Swings, Meltdowns, Tantrums and Low Self-Esteem In Your Child Today

What It Was Like

Over time, it wasn't just the mornings in which her disposition became abominable. There were episodes throughout the day. She could transform from a content, playing child to a defiant, stubborn, unreasonable kiddo. She defied us; she had to have things her way (or not at all), and she was oblivious to where she was, who she was with, or whatever the activity was at the moment. It was an altered state, and when she got this way, it felt impossible to get her back to "normal." I felt like such a bad parent

What Changed?

I started doing the food with her. I learned to keep her fed; didn't wait for "empty". I give her a bedtime snack with protein. If "empty" happens, I fill her up first; handle the behavior later.

At first I was skeptical, but the change was so dramatic, I just kept doing it. And things got better and better over time. It really is a miracle.

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What It Is Like Now

She wakes up smiling every day. She loves to make people laugh by doing silly little dances, making funny faces, and saying funny things. Her creativity has blossomed through her stories, painting, coloring and new inventions. She can concentrate on an activity for hours. She hardly ever scowls.

I no longer fear for my daughter's moods or fret over her future. I am thrilled that the solution was food, just food! It sounds unbelievable, but it is absolutely true.

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A joy for all of you

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Healing sugar sensitivity can be a joy. Invite your children to do it WITH you. Everyone will get better.

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Steady State

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The essence of your task is to create a biochemical steady state for your child. You get to do this with food and timing. It doesn't cost anything and it can be really fun for all of you.

A Whole Community

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You are not alone. There is a whole group of parents who know how to do this and will love to help you learn. Read through the ideas here and then come over to to meet our parents.

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